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The Photo Album of Olga Nicholaievna
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in clockworkgirl21's LiveJournal:

Friday, February 18th, 2011
7:10 pm

Tatiana, Anastasia, and I on a little boat. We're either getting on or getting off the Standart.

Anastasia and I on the Standart. Anastasia looks like she's napping.

Maria, Anastasia, and I. Looks like we're doing some sort of crafts.

Mama, and in the background Anastasia, aboard the Standart.

Some sort of meal at the Crimea.

Girlies in 1914.
7:00 pm

Tatiana and I with Aunt Olga at the Alexander Palace Park.

Maria and Aleksey on some rocks.

With Anya. She had such a crush on Papa!

Anastasia playing in the snow.

Tatiana and Aunt Xenia. In the back, looks like Papa and Grandmama.

Maria and I. Cold!
Thursday, February 17th, 2011
5:49 am

Aleksey and Cousin Dmitri at Livadia.

Anastasia and I sitting in a window at Peterhof.

Aleksey a couple months old at Peterhof.

Maria and Anastasia with Aunt Xenia.

Us in Poland.

Me on a horse at Peterhof in 1913.

Tatiana and Papa in the Crimea.

Me on a horse again.

Tatiana and Professor Petrov it the Crimea. Tatiana must have been having a Russian lesson.

Maria, Anastasia, myself, and Mama's maid of honor, Sofia at Livadia. Sadly, Sofia died in December of 1915. She had been wheelchair bound for a long time.
Wednesday, February 16th, 2011
3:12 pm

Aleksey in 1905 or 1906. He was still a baby and wearing skirts.

Aleksey feeding a sheep.

Aleksey at the Crimea in 1916. That water was cold!

Maria, Anastasia, and Aleksey at Stavka. Aleksey seems to be having some trouble with his trousers.

Aleksey and our parents on the Imperial train.

Tatiana and I in Sweden in 1909.

Me pestering Anastasia. Strange! It is usually the other way around!

Dancing on my name day on Grandmama's yacht, the Polar Star.

Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia on a balcony.

Tatiana and Maria at Livadia.

Tatiana is bored!

Tatiana and I in 1904. Photo taken for Aleksey's birth.
Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
10:43 am

Maria and Aleksey with a group of people in Finland.

Anastasia and Maria in Finland.

Tatiana in 1907 at Peterhof.

Maria and I at Peterhof.

Tatiana and Mama at Livadia.

At Livadia. Probably taken by Aleksey.

Maria in 1914 in the Crimea.

Girlies and Aleksey in 1907-08 in the Alexander Palace Park.

Tatiana and Maria.

With relatives at Peterhof.

Me with my parents on the river at Stavka.

Tatiana and I with patients.
Monday, February 14th, 2011
3:29 am

Tatiana, Maria, and I on the Standart.

Me in 1914. One of my favorite formals.

Anastasia in 1916. Mama says she looks like our Greek relatives here.

Maria and Anastasia acting out a scene from a play.

Anastasia doing her homework on Mama's balcony.

Girlies laughing while Aunt Ella tries to get a decent photo of us.

Tennis in Finland. Tatiana stretches out and Anastasia looks scared.

Me chopping wood at the first strange place we were imprisoned, in Tobolsk.

Anastasia, Maria, and I playing with Aunt Olga. Auntie always said Anastasia would make a fine actress.

Playing on the beach again.

Maria sleeping while I try to read to her.

Meeting the Romanian royal family in 1914. Mama was trying to get me to marry Prince Carol, but I didn't like him. He later tried to propose to Maria, but Papa said she was too young.

Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia. Anastasia only got to wear her hair up a short time before she got the measles and had her head shaved.
Sunday, February 13th, 2011
10:02 am

Aleksey's room at Livadia.

Mama and Papa's room at Livadia.


The hunting lodge in Spala, Poland. We used to visit it a lot, but we soon began to avoid it. In 1903, my dear cousin Ella died there of a fever, and in 1912, Aleksey almost died when he had a hemophilia episode.

Our classroom at Livadia. Often we'd have our lessons outside, but sometimes we couldn't if it rained.

Another room in the hunting lodge.
8:11 am

Tatiana and I with Papa on a trip to Denmark.

Maria and I on the Standart in 1914. Even though Maria was only 15 here, her hair was up in a bun. We usually started that at 16, but Mama let Maria begin early.

In the Crimea with one of my dear friends, Rita. This was the one trip we made to the Crimea after the war started.

Anastasia and I reading on the Standart in 1913. I'm a bookworm, Anastasia, not so much. But she does enjoy a book or two.

Visiting Papa in Belarus again. Anastasia is enjoying a smoke.

Tatiana on the Standart, probably in 1912.
8:02 am

Tatiana and I in 1913. In most pictures taken in 1913, Tatiana is wearing a wig because early in the year, as I've mentioned, she got typhus and the medicine made her hair fall out. She hated wearing it.

In Moscow probably with Aunt Ella, Mama's sister. Aunt Ella was married to Uncle Sergei, but after he was murdered in 1905, she gave up her possessions and became a nun.

Maria, Anastasia, and Aleksey swimming. The man is Derevenko. He was hired to watch over Aleksey and make sure he didn't get hurt.

Anastasia on stilts in Finland.

Anastasia with Papa in the Alexander Palace park in 1917. All of us caught the measles in early 1917 and had to have our heads shaved because our hair was falling out in clumps. Mama tried to get us to keep our wigs on but soon found we amused ourselves by laughing at each other being bald.

With Mama at Peterhof in 1913. Again, notice Tatiana's wig!

Maria and I helping Papa clear ice.

Tatiana and I walking with Papa. Papa was always so busy, it was a pleasure to spend any time we could with him.
7:36 am

Maria flirting in Finland. She sure loves boys!

Maria again. Taken in 1904 for Aleksey's birth.

Anastasia and Aleksey at Peterhof in 1907.

Girlies visiting Papa at Stavka. Tatiana has been cut out.

Aboard the Standart. None of us look very happy.

Anastasia and I play in the snow with Aunt Olga, Papa's sister.

Mama and I in the Crimea. We're both stubborn, so we butt heads a lot.

Tatiana and I at Aunt Olga's house.

Out picking mushrooms or berries, probably.

On the beach in the Crimea in 1899 or 1900.
Saturday, February 12th, 2011
3:20 am

Girlies under the Christmas tree.

My 16th birthday in the Crimea.

Maria and I on Mama's balcony in the Alexander Palace.

Papa and us girlies on the same balcony.

Us children around Father Grigory at Peterhof. Mama's friend, Anya Vyrubova introduced him to Mama to help Aleksey around 1905. Aleksey has hemophilia, and Father Grigory prayed over him and made him better. People became afraid of his influence and killed him in December 1916.

Grandmama and Grandpapa with Papa when he was a toddler.

Tatiana sewing. Mama doesn't like us to sit around and do nothing. We always have to be doing something along the lines of reading, writing, sewing, painting, etc.

Tatiana and I at Peterhof in 1909. Those were our nightclothes.

Anya Vyrubova, Mama's friend. She was recovering from her train accident in 1915.
2:56 am

Me in 1910.

Girlies with Mama in the Crimea in 1902.

Tatiana, Maria, and I playing with a ball in the Crimea.

Mama, Papa, and Tatiana in Belarus. We were visiting Papa again.

Maria, Anastasia, and Aleksey with sailors on and Standart.

Papa playing with some relatives in Germany in 1899.

Maria and Anastasia visiting a hospital in 1916.

Aleksey at Papa's headquarters (Stavka) with Gilliard, Gibbes(English tutor) and Petrov(Russian tutor).
Friday, February 11th, 2011
11:01 pm

Me in Finland.

Anastasia and Aleksey on the Standart.

With Mama. I can't even venture a guess when and where.

Cousin Dmitri and Mama. Dmitri was considered a possible match for me, but Mama said no because his reputation wasn't the best. However, Papa loved him. He was banished in 1917 because he helped murder Father Grigory(you'll meet him later).

Tatiana and I walk in Moscow with Mama and Papa in 1914.

Mama stands with all her children in front of one of the palaces.

Mama with baby Maria in 1899.
10:41 pm

Tatiana and Maria on the Standart. Someone has brought a basket of kittens aboard.

Tatiana and I with our French tutor, Gilliard. We had lessons even in the Crimea, as shown here.

We children in the Crimea in 1914. This was 1914's White Flower Day. We collected money for victims of tuberculosis. We also had a White Flower Day in 1912. Not our favorite thing, it was boring, but we were glad we were helping people.

On the Standart again. We probably didn't go ashore to Finland that day, since we aren't exactly wearing mushroom hunting clothes.

A formal of Tatiana in 1910. She seemed to be the public's favorite.
4:11 am

Tatiana and I on the Standart in 1911.

Accepting donations in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. The money went to our hospitals, mostly. Tatiana liked nursing the best, and I preferred paperwork like this.

Anastasia and I playing with some peasant children near Papa's military headquarters in Belarus in 1915. I don't think they knew who we were.

Me and a sailor on the Standart. When we were younger, Papa would always ask a sailor to watch over us and make sure we didn't fall overboard.

Grandmama and I. Grandmama was closer to Aunt Xenia's children, but she did spend what time she could with us.
3:59 am

On Uncle Ernie's shoulders on a visit to the Crimea.

Me on the Standart. Pretty flowers, huh?

Tatiana hugging Uncle Ernie in 1899, on a trip to Germany.
Thursday, February 10th, 2011
2:32 am

First glimpse of Aleksey. This was in 1914 at our summer palace, Peterhof. The rest of us children were born there. Papa and Anastasia are with him.

Anastasia on Papa's yacht, the Standart. We haven't sailed on it since 1914, when the war started.

A postcard of me in my nursing uniform. After the war broke out, Mama, Tatiana, and I trained to become Red Cross nurses.

Me in my regiment uniform. All us girls had our own regiment that we sponsored and watched train.

Papa holding a cigarette to Anastasia's mouth. This was taken in the Crimea. Our favorite palace, Livadia was there. We loved to play tennis.
2:18 am

Our favorite room in the Alexander Palace: the Mauve Room! We loved to sit in Papa's chair and stare out the window. Mama decorated all the rooms herself when she came to marry Papa from Germany in 1894.

Me in this room again. Mama said I looked too grown up.

Mama and Papa's bed. When we were born we slept in their room for a few weeks until being moved to the nursery. Mama and Papa hated the move and visited us as often as they could. See all the icons? Mama was a Lutheran before marrying Papa. She had to switch to Orthodoxy to become the empress, and she dove in heart and soul.

Your first look of Maria and Anastasia, soon-to-be ages 19 and 17. This was taken for Grandmama, Papa's mother during 1916.

Tatiana and Papa in 1913. Tatiana became very sick, and was allowed to sleep in a real bed in the sickroom. Papa read to her a lot to pass the time for her.
2:00 am

This is the Alexander Palace! It isn't our favorite palace, but that's where we lived most of the time. It is in Tsarskoe Selo, a tiny village several miles from St. Petersburg. We were imprisoned here first, from March until August 1917. It's where I was born.

This is the music room. There is where we had our music lessons. My dearest sister Tatiana, who is 21, was so good at the piano.

This is the bedroom Tatiana and I shared. We slept on camp cots, and still do. Papa insists it makes for good discipline.

The bedroom of Aleksey, our soon-to-be 14-year-old brother. The sunshine of the family.
1:52 am
My name is Olga Nicholaievna Romanova of Russia. I am soon to be 23 years old. I used to be a grand duchess. My father, the emperor, had to abdicate his throne last March, rendering us civilians like everyone else. Our faithful servants still refer to us as Your Imperial Highness, but everyone else calls us nicknames when they have no leave to do so. I have no problems with no longer being referred to as a grand duchess, but it would be nice if the guards didn't call me the nicknames only my family is to use.

Now we're prisoner in this house in Ekaterinburg, totally at the mercy of those in charge of Russia now. We're allowed few indulgences, but I have decided to paste our family photos into this new album to remind myself of happier times.
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